Chicco Chairy

We've recently received the brand new Chairy from Chicco! Have you seen it?

Its basically a travel booster seat for eating, but it can not only attach to a chair to make it easier for dining out or even just to integrate your toddler into eating at the dining table, but its also your little ones first chair as they grow up!

Well, since I took it out of its box, Bowie hasn't gotten up from it!!! He is obsessed! He pulls it around the house to wherever he wants to sit, I don't know why we never thought of getting him a chair before but its been a lifesaver! He will literally just get a book and sit down for ages. I feel like I've suddenly got my life back and i can actually do jobs without Bowie hanging around my ankles!

So more about the details, Chairy has removable padding that can wipe clean or go in the washing machine after it gets completely smeared in cottage pie (standard dinner time in our house) it has ergonomic height adjustment and the one last MAJOR feature.... YES THE TRAY FITS IN THE DISHWASHER. No more trying to get in every nook and cranny of the tray to wipe out the squashed black avocado that you missed on yesterdays clean!

The whole thing is pretty lightweight and compact when folded so easy to take out and about with you. I ALWAYS do because nowhere ever has a highchair, and if they do its usually absolutely filthy.

I went for the black option because the darker the better with my grubby boy, its still very cute though, a little black and white dog print called Sweetdog, but there are two other designs a grey Bunny and red Ladybug.

Overall I'd give the whole thing a 9/10! (Bowie would give it a solid 10) Only losing one point because I think they need to put backpack straps on it so my wife can carry it on her back whilst we're out and about! Making my life even easier. But I mean, apart from that.. Its the best invention EVER and it will definitely be a staple baby 'must have' on my list of recommendations!


Lauren x


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