Project: A Journal of Joy

My own social media journey has been bumpy to say the least, its been hard, its been like marmite but its been utterly beautiful.

One morning during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, I read some negative things someone had been posting on Instagram, It was something along the lines of 'Instagram was boring and only a place people go who are unhappy and want to be nosy in other peoples lives', it was nothing significant really, it was something I'd usually overlook, but that morning, it invoked a feeling inside of me, a feeling of hopelessness, was that the reason I was on there? because I am unhappy in my life? I sat and pondered on it for a while and I came away from Instagram for a few weeks whilst I re-evaluated my reasoning for spending time on the platform.

After a little while, I missed it, I missed the community I had built, I missed the feeling that I was never alone, I missed looking at all of the beautiful creativity that flooded my feed each day and I missed the gratification I felt when I posted and it made an impact on someone. So I sat down and I listed all of the little joys that I had accomplished from social media.

I felt empowered and when I read them back to myself I realised they weren't insignificant at all and they actually told a story.

From then on, I began asking people who I met what little joys they had accomplished on social media and I was astounded at all of the intricate stories and flourishing tales that were arising from that one question. I have been documenting it for a year now, but I think I am ready to open up the floodgates and turn this little lockdown project into a book!

I would love to be more diverse, reach a wider audience and hear all of the little (or big) joys that social media has brought to you.

If you would like to get involved in 'A Journal of Joy', please send me an email at and tell me all about what little (or big) joys social media has brought you. If I think your story would be a good fit, I will contact you to arrange a virtual or in person interview and photoshoot.


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