The Guide: A Clutter Free Christmas List

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, I love the shopping, the planning, the gifts, the decorating, the gatherings and of course, the food! But, when it comes to ME, I never know what to put on my list.

As a child I used to think Adults didn't get presents, but I was so wrong! Year after year I end up with a cupboard full of well intended 'stuff' that I didn't really need or want.

When you grow up, it seems to be that when you want or need something you just buy it! There is no waiting until Christmas or your Birthday, I guess thats the perk of being an adult. When it comes to these events that require a gift though, you're left with reeling off a list of meaningless rubbish to fill a gap.

This year, instead of filling your house with things you have worked so hard all year to clear out, be mindful and think about things you really want, the things that you wouldn't usually think of as a gift!

Things that you use daily

  • I love a seasonal candle, the type that fills the house with the smell of the season, the expensive kind that I only tend to buy as a one off.

  • Luxury bath salts or essential oils. A relaxing bath is always a necessity and something I wouldn't splurge on in a weekly shop.

  • Nail Polish. I NEVER buy nail polish, I always just use old ones out of the cupboard, I never see it as an essential purchase so it slips my mind. A good quality nail polish is always a good gift.

  • Hand Wash is one of those things that I use so often that I just don't think about it, If I ever have a really nice one as a gift, or one is on offer at the supermarket and I treat myself, I always deeply appreciate it when I'm washing my hands, Its like a little spa for a second out of a busy day!

  • Jewellery is always lovely, doesn't take up much space, its timeless and makes each day a little more special.

  • A Bloom & Folk magazine subscription! We all love to take five minutes to recharge with a cuppa and a magazine. What gift could be better for Christmas than a year subscription to your favourite magazine? Order yours today in our shop.

Food & Drink

  • There is nothing I love more than a piece of artisan chocolate with a glass of wine or a cuppa when the kids are in bed. I never splurge on confectionary so when I do get luxury chocolate as a gift I savour every piece!

  • Coffee! I drink coffee EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, and I have my usual one on a repeat subscription so I never run out. Sometimes its nice to switch it up though, a speciality coffee or seasonal coffee syrup is a lovely gift and something that can sit in the kitchen cupboard and be used as a treat!

  • Christmas Hampers. I feel like hampers have lost there way a little. I used to love going to Booths at Christmas with my grandparents and looking at all the luxury food hampers. They are always filled with local, artisan produce, like chutneys, crackers, cheese's and sweets, that you would never buy in your food shop, but always make use of. Especially over the Christmas period.

  • Wine & Spirits. I buy wine every week, We enjoy a glass with dinner most nights, but I don't splurge on it, its just always the same smooth one that is easily paired with everything. If ever I get given a gift of a fancy wine it always seems to make the whole evening a little more special!

Items you need

  • Slippers. By the time Christmas comes around, I'm always in need of a new pair of slippers. Its one of those items that I always wait for to add to my Christmas list. They're pretty cheap so I could pick up a pair in the supermarket, but I like to open them on Christmas morning and have them as a luxury to enjoy through the cold, dreary January days.

  • Coffee Cup. I'm a sucker for hoarding mugs, always the perfect gift!

  • Purse. A purse is one of those things I use all year round, its scruffy and I'm constantly saying I need a new one! Add it to the list!

  • Hairdryer. I'm adding this one as I'm constantly moaning about mine, it needs upgrading but there is always something that needs upgrading more so it gets pushed to the back of the priority list. It will definitely be on my list this year!


  • A fancy dinner! Ask your other half to take you out for a date night and splurge on some nice food. We never really spend money on going out to eat so its always a real treat.

  • A spa voucher. I always say I'm going to book a spa day but never do, I think there always seems to be something else that becomes a priority. Christmas is the ideal time for a spa voucher as January and February never have much in store. perfect time for a pamper!

  • An activity! Wowcher always has vouchers for different experiences, rock climbing, a helicopter ride, dry slope ski-ing. You name it, they've got it!

  • A Photoshoot. Everyone loves to get dressed up and feel good about themselves in front of the camera. I never have the budget to spend on having professional photos taken of the family, but its always on my list to do. A family photo shoot or even just a women empowerment shoot of yourself is the perfect Christmas gift.

Gift Vouchers

  • I always used to get vouchers as a child, they seem to have lost momentum a little these days. Whenever we are shopping for my Wife's siblings I always go for a voucher, they never know what they want and if they get cash it just gets spent on rubbish. At least with a voucher they have to buy something worthy, and think a little more about the purchase. I love a voucher because it means I can choose what I want and get more for my money in the sales! Win win!

Below are a few stores that are always a good shout to browse for gifts for a clutter free Christmas.

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Toast -

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Whist UK -

Sarah Gee Ceramics -

Coffee & Kin -

ONAIE slippers -

Magically Wild Photography -

Wild Sage & Co -

Gem&i Jewellery -

Perrin Goose Press -

Clicked by Kate -

Aery Living -

Little Yorkshire Hampers -


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