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Thanks so much for subscribing to our blog. If you leave this page feeling inspired, confident you’re doing a good job as a mother, that you’re never alone, that its totally fine to want to sell your kids to the circus by the time it hits bedtime or just that you’ve read something you can relate to, I’ve done a good job!

The basics

I’m Lauren, married to my beautiful wife, Khiana and we are parents to Bowie who is 13 months (born 1/12/19) and expecting baby number 2!

Khiana works full time, which means luckily, I am able to stay home with Bowie! You’ve probably seen me around before, over on instagram which is @lifewithlittlefolk.

I tend to spend the majority of my day keeping Bowie busy, but on the odd occasion that i get five minutes of peace, I’m usually baking doing something crafty.

I’m also huge on reviewing! I believe that there’s no point buying something without reading honest reviews from real buyers. So anything I own, I’ve researched massively before ive bought it! One of my aims of this blog is to share reviews with you guys and hopefully give you honest insights into your future purchases!

As a family, we live a slow life. We try to be mindful in all aspects of family life, we live for the moment and spend every dry day outdoors! throughout your time with us, you’ll see the good, the bad and probably the ugly!

please stay for the long haul ✨

Lauren x


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If you don't already know me, I'm Lauren, a mother, creator, writer and publisher of Bloom & Folk Magazine. 

Slow living is at the heart of everything I do and more than anything, I love to guide others towards a more meaningful and considered way of life.

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